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Cold Network

ColdNetwork is an online Minecraft: Java Edition network based on PvP gamemodes. We are constantly working on Improvements to ensure the best experience for our Players. We host our TR Version on Prisma Nodes.

Refine Development

Refine Development is a minecraft development organization striving to provide the best quality products in cheap prices. They have been supporting Prisma Nodes since its launch and are a bonified partner since our grand opening.


Ravenous is a Rust server offering smooth hit detection, an enterprise-level anticheat, and a thriving community. We strive to provide the ultimate experience. We have been established since 2022, and since then, we have made it our primary goal to provide the high quality gameplay that you deserve.

IGP'S Coding Villa

IGP's Coding Villa is a Discord server for those who are new to the branch of Discord Bot development. Here, you can learn everything you need to know to get your Discord Bot moving! Ask how to do one thing, help, discuss, freelance, hire people for your next big project and make some new pals!


Our stance is against fraudulent activities, and we take measures to verify that hosting providers are operated by individuals who abide by the law, thereby preventing fraudulent practices in the hosting industry and reducing the likelihood of data loss since early 2023.